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Liliana Galor, contemporary Israeli woman artist

Painters and other art sites:

Rajul Mehta - Indian Painter
Presents unique indian works of art, creating a fusion between east and west.
Miri Passov - Israeli Painter
Contemporary Painter. Draws oil paintings on cloth and papers, also produce prints. Uses a technique of wood cutting and netting prints. The site display several series characteristic of different phases in the artist work.
Andrew Kahane, Ltd - Art Asian Appraisers
Appraise both individual works of art and entire collections. Formal written appraisals include detailed referencing to comparable works of art and a signed affidavit. stating our credentials and attesting to the contents of the list.
Rostone - Mosaic
combination between classic mosaic art and contemporary materials.
Mira Maylor - Glass Art
- Glass artist and a sculptor, working in her own studio in Israel.
Agora Gallery - Chelsea New York City
Established in 1984, Agora Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of national and international contemporary artists

General sites (non art):

Smart toys - creative game shop
The idea was to bring together a range of products that represented the best toys and gifts that the industry had to offer.
Assaf Ronen - food photography - A shopping resource