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Liliana Galor, contemporary Israeli woman artist
Iím a painter and graphic designer living and working in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Born (1960) and raised in Iassi, Romania, I graduated the Iassi Art College in 1979. Between 1990 - 1992 I studied at Art Academy Iassi, class of Dan Hatmanu. I participated in group exhibitions in Iassi. From 1992 I live in Israel and made a career as graphic designer with my own studio.
Over the time I experimented with all kinds of media using traditional methods and materials in new and unconventional ways. Now I work with acrylics on canvas, mixed-media, paper collage with hand-printed, found and prepared papers and bringing new materials and digital technology into the studio. In my current mixed-media works I am preoccupied by the meeting point of science, philosophy, psychology and art and Iím exploring the relationship between spirit and cultures.
At my studio...